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"To leave satisfied you must arrive prepared."

Think of me as your Secret Service agent; guiding you to your destination unerringly, looking out only for YOUR best interest, and ready to take a bullet when necessary. The best part is that my services are absolutely free to the qualified home buyer, as the seller/seller agent pays my commission**. What this means to you is peace of mind and a guarantee that I will do what it takes to make your home purchase smooth, efficient and hassle-free. You can relax knowing that you hired Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism.

Why hire Londi Sutton as YOUR Exclusive Buyer Agent?

  • You get a professional ABR® Real Estate broker with no ties to inter-office relations or listings since I am the company and I carry no listings, and have no incentive to steer you in any direction but YOURS.
  • You get a professional, knowledgeable expert working for YOU, with the goal of locating and buying the best available property for your desires at the best possible price, with the least concern and liability.

  • You get a local expert who understands property value (Londi is highly respected in the banking industry for accuracy and has performed over 7000 BPOs - Broker Price Opinions), with a PSA certification.

  • You get a broker experienced in negotiations and rock-solid contracts. Londi often gets her client offers accepted simply because of her expert and professional contracts.

  • You get a broker who limits their client count to ensure full, personalized service, as we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

  • You get a broker who believes in the old fashioned ways of respect and courtesy.

  • You get the hardest working professional Realtor in Southern Oregon, personally available from 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday (Friday 7 am to 12 pm), weekends by appointment, and 24 hours every day by Email or phone (please leave message after hours and I promise to return the call within an hour before 9 pm).

Here is a list of what I do for you as your Exclusive Buyer's Agent, all at no cost to you...

  1. Arrange your personal consultation for a Buyer's presentation where we will discuss the process of purchasing your home, from beginning to end. I supply a checklist for you to ensure we stay on track, and the information you need to have the confidence and knowledge to make your home buying experience enjoyable and as hassle free as possible.

  2. I will locate homes specific to your requests through extensive listing searches, and access to new listings that haven't hit the market yet. I also review local ads and drive-bys of "For Sale by Owner" listings that might work for you. Rest assured, no stone shall be unturned.

  3. If you require financing, I will assist in obtaining your pre-approval with a qualified lender.

  4. I arrange with sellers to view homes and coordinate complex time schedules.

  5. I negotiate your offer with knowledge and experience for the best price with YOUR interests in mind.

  6. I coordinate all time-sensitive requirements and process flow between buyer, seller, mortgage broker, lender, government agencies, escrow office, etc.

  7. I perform all necessary paperwork (amazing amount of forms required) with professional knowledge and skill, and present your offer in a manner to achieve success. I am well-known in the industry for rock-solid and complete contracts, often being the tie-breaker with an accepted offer.

  8. I will be there for your close of escrow to ensure your confidence and satisfaction.

  9. Free Home Warranty* for your peace of mind ($350 value).

  10. Personally hand you the keys to your new home. Congratulations!

  11. Follow up to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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When you're ready to make your move, just fill out the form below to contact Londi, or simply call. Londi's got ya covered!

I fight on behalf of my buyers.
I negotiate the absolute best price.
I protect you.
I simplify your transaction for you as much as possible.


I look forward to working with you!

Londi Sutton, Principal Broker/Owner, PSA, ABR®, NAEBA member

Exclusive Buyer Agent

Sutton Homes Realty, LLC


Top Buyers Agent "We are listed as top buyers agents by"

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Southern Oregon Real Estate


 *Free Home Warranty is limited to Owner Occupied single residential sales sold at $150,000 or more. For information on purchasing a Home Warranty contact Londi Sutton.

**How and When Does the Money Change Hands?

Real estate commissions are paid like this:

The seller pays the listing brokerage.
The listing brokerage pays the listing agent.
The listing brokerage pays the buyer's brokerage.
The buyer's brokerage pays the buyer's agent.
The seller effectively pays your buyer's agent to negotiate on your behalf.

There are circumstances under which a buyer might pay a brokerage directly, such as when there's no commission offered because the property is for sale by owner. But the commission is typically paid by the seller to the listing brokerage. The listing brokerage divides the commission in some fashion with the broker of the agent who brings an offer.

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